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Post Surgical

Post Surgical

Learn about the treatments we provide at Taibach Shockwave Clinic to assist you with your recovery after undergoing surgery.

A Helping Hand Back to Normality

With the effects of Laser Therapy being so effective at facilitating recovery we often manage people before surgery to manage swelling, lymphatic drainage, and skin condition prior to operative procedures and after surgeries to promote tissue healing and help speed up the recovery time of wounds, underlying tissue, and incisions so you can be back to normal as soon as possible.

Wound and incision healing can take place up to 40% quicker with bespoke application of Laser Therapy.

Laser Therapy with its unique properties can now be used over metal implants such as hip and knee replacements. We routinely help people after tummy tucks, excess skin removal, hip replacements, knee replacements, ankle surgery, and carpal tunnel and growth or skin tag removal just to name a few.

Scar Reduction

Post operative scars and incision wounds are a natural occurrence. They are part and parcel of operative procedures but can often make individuals self-conscious or simply wishing the scar could be less bumpy, less raised and prominent to the touch or less visible! These results are possible with Laser and Shockwave Therapy and often a combination of both can lead to the best results.

Laser Therapy is a fantastic option straight after surgery. It’s often used in the short term after a procedure to promote healing in underlying tissues, reduce visibility of and increase scar healing and reduce swelling and edema surrounding the incision site. It's so effective yet gentle meaning we can often get straight to work helping you with Laser.

Shockwave therapy is also routinely used in the clinic for scar reduction. The appearance of scarring, especially incisional scarring responds well to courses of bespoke treatment thus reducing the appearance of the scar often in both colour and texture. This can be from many operations ranging from tummy tucks to ankle surgeries and anything in between. Shockwave Therapy can play a large role in reducing the appearance.

Lymphatic Drainage

We undertake lymphatic drainage for patients pre and post-operative on a routine basis. On top of this, we also provide a lymphatic drainage service for patients who haven’t had any operations and require the service for a wide variety of health conditions.

Please see the designated Lymphatic drainage page for more details.

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